Pony Pasture
Emerald Shallows
Emerald Swell
Class lll-lV
Comfort & Chaos
Cote D'Azur
Late Break
Ebb & Flow
Almost Calm
Immeasurable Blue

Jen Shelor

art + design

What a journey so far! Photography, graphic design, advertising, web design and motion graphics. I've produced designs and imagery for international brands, government agencies, museums, businesses and non profits for almost 30 years. I'm really proud of that work and very fortunate to have worked with some amazing people.

My goal is still to produce good work which may only connect with a few people. I'm rediscovering why I chose a commercial art path in the first place; that moment of connection we have with a particular piece. The technique has been replicating digitally the traditional methods of art; printmaking, painting or pen & ink. My art influences are early 20th century poster designers, typographic design, architecture, wildlife and landscape paintings. But there are influences all around us, and I deliberately look outside of my digital routine to see.

This series of "Comfort & Chaos" started as an experiment in digital painting and just kept working the technique. The subject of water has always been attractive and I have a library of images to select. Painting digitally allowed many “Command-Z” brush strokes.

There is a magic in not knowing what a visual can become. Keep working a technique and sometimes a good work will emerge.